Ciência Viva Journeys - This Christmas gift curiosity!

A gift with no expiration date: a card that you can activate whenever you want and enjoy it for 1 year.

What makes us happy is to offer… And this year even more! A special Christmas is approaching and we want to fill the lives of our family and friends with dreams. We want to offer tours through unforgettable landscapes and fun experiences. And all of this is possible with the Ciência Viva Journeys' kit!

Take advantage of the 10% discount and the special offer of a face mask when purchasing the kit. A card, a guide and an app to discover the country with culture and science. Visit Portugal!

The Christmas campaign is valid until December 31 and is available at the ticket offices of the Ciência Viva Science Centres and in the online shop.

The 4th edition of the Guidebook has as a novelty, the Vale do Côa Journey, that will take you on a journey through time, going back 30 thousand years. In Vale do Côa everything is exceptional! Only there can you find two UNESCO Heritage Sites: rock engravings and the Douro Wine Region. With a guidebook in hand or using the app on your smartphone, go on adventure: go down quiet rivers, jump over hills and valleys, and watch the magnificent birds that cross the blue sky. Let curiosity lead you!

Still having doubts? These are some of the advantages of the Ciência Viva Journeys’ card:

  • With a card, a guide and an app, we offer free entry to the Ciência Viva Science Centres for all cardholders.
  • 19 journeys or travel destinations in Portugal with more than 200 steps to explore with great curiosity.
  • Discounts at more than 200 science and culture, food and lodging partners for all cardholders.
  • Access to the digital content of the Guidebook on the app, as well as to interactive maps, quizzes and sharing of experiences and photos on spot.
  • The card is valid for one year, costs 50 euros and covers two adults or a couple with children up to 17 years old. Extensible to children of full age between 18 and 25 years old for an additional payment of 10 € each. 

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Season's Greetings!


* Valid campaign until December 31. Special offer face mask limited to existing stock. Face mask of level 3 approved by CITEVE with code 6723/2020.


Date: 20/11/2020

Um cartão para família ou amigos * com as seguintes vantagens
Entrada gratuita nos 21 Centros Ciência Viva, as vezes que desejar **
Um guia com circuitos de exploração das regiões envolventes
Descontos em mais de 120 espaços de ciência e cultura
Vantagens em mais de 200 parceiros de alimentação e de alojamento
Descontos na CP – Comboios de Portugal e GALP
Faça download da nossa app com o seu telemóvel na App Store ou na Play Store
Para aceder aos Circuitos, responder a desafios e partilhar experiências e fotos.
* Dois adultos ou um casal com filhos até aos 17 anos
Extensível a filhos entre os 18 e os 25 anos mediante o pagamento adicional de 10€ cada um

** As atividades de programação nos Centros não se encontram abrangidas.